Sarah Gailey

Hugo and Campbell finalist SARAH GAILEY came onto the scene in 2015 and has since become one of
the sharpest, funniest voices in pop culture online, going viral frequently for their stories and joie de
vivre. They are a regular contributor to multiple websites, including, where their Women of
Harry Potter series was named a Hugo finalist for Best Related Work. Gailey’s nonfiction has appeared in Mashable and The Boston Globe, and writes short fiction for various popular outlets.

MAGIC FOR LIARS channels the flushed, youthful intensity of Megan Abbott’s You Will Know Me with a school for mages,
hidden in the hills of southern California, as its backdrop. Ivy Gamble, a disagreeable and non-magical private investigator
with a slight drinking problem, works to solve a murder at a school for mages where her estranged (and very magically
talented) sister teaches. The dark and fantastic secrets she uncovers not only shed a stark light on
her case, but on her own family history and the life she could have had.

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